Poniedziałek 27 maj 2024

Singlegirder underruning cranes


Download RFQ for underruning cranes (pdf)

Beside complete cranes, based on components from our main suppliers as SWF Krantechnik and Stahl CraneSystems we have our own production, as on range in table below:

Crane load, t from 5 to 32
Span, m (L) to 28,5
Lifting height, m (H) 3; 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 24; 30; 36;
Speeds, m/min:
- hoist
- trolley
- crane
fromоd 1 todо 12
todо 20
todо 60
Crane duty group due to ISO 4301/1
Duty group of lifting mechanisms due to ISO 4301/1 M3…M5
catching device - hook
- hook, traverse, spreader
Crane controle devices - Radio control
- Pendant
Crane speed regulations - Inverter
- 2­speeds
- Fixed
Crane used: indoor, outdoor, outdoor under roof
Power supply - flexible cable
- busbar
Temperature range °С from -40 to +40

Our production of singlegirder underruning cranes is primarily characterized as optimization of work surface – across whole span and runway. We have used unique design (own design) end carriages which guarantee You maximum hook aproaches in every possible direction. It is all because of using a crane consoles which guarantee You that hoist can moves across whole main girder without any restrictions. Besides we have used possible simpliest solution of fixing with existing roof construction which consequently simplifies the construction by providing the optimal load distribution of the crane runway .


Sample photos from our realisation