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Doublegirder bridge cranes


Download a RFQ for Doublegirder overhead travelling cranes (pdf)

Beside complete cranes, based on components from our main suppliers as SWF Krantechnik and Stahl CraneSystems we have our own production, as on range in table below:

Crane load, tfrom 5 to 500
Span, m (L)to 42
Lifting height, m (H)6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 24; 30; 36; 50
Speeds, m/min: - podnoszenia - jazdy wózka - jazdy suwnicy (standardowe) from 1 to 30 20 to 60 40 to 120
Crane duty group due to ISO 4301/1 A2…A7
Duty group of lifting mechanisms due to ISO 4301/1 M3…M7
catching device- hook - hook, traverse, spreader
Crane controle devices- from cabin - Radio control - Pendant
Crane speed regulations- inverter - 2-speeds via stickers - Fixed
Crane used:indoor, outdoor, outdoor under roof
Power supply- busbar - flexible cable
Temperature range °Сfrom -40 to +40

Our double girder crane construction was designed in such way to take care maximum load with minimum weight of crane steel construction. Beside we increase speeds of each mechanisms to increase efficeancy of whole crane work.

By using a inverters we ensure smooth, stepless moves in each directions. This situation guarantee smooth move, acceleration and minimalize sway of load. High quality of our equipment and the high qualifications of our specialists provide the minimum deviation from the dimensions even with largest lengths. Therefore, our cranes have excellent operating parameters. Specially designed trolley increased lifting height, as the uppermost point of the lifting hook is located between the beams.


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