Czwartek 20 czerwiec 2024

Singlegirder overhead travelling bridge cranes


Download RFQ for singlegirder overhead travelling cranes (pdf)

Beside complete cranes, based on components from our main suppliers as SWF Krantechnik and Stahl CraneSystems we have our own production, as on range in table below:

Crane load, t from 5 to 32
Span, m (L) dо 28,5
Lifting height, m (H) 3; 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 24; 30; 36;
Speeds, m/min:
- hoist
- trolley
- crane
from 0,1 to 12
to 20
to 60
Crane duty group due to ISO 4301/1 A1…A5
Duty group of lifting mechanisms due to ISO 4301/1 M3…M5
catching device - hook
- hook, traverse, spreader
Sterowanie suwnicą z poziomu “0” - Radio control
- Pendant
Crane speed regulations - częstotliwościowy
- 2-speeds via stickers
- Fixed
Crane used: indoor, outdoor, outdoor under roof
Power supply - busbar
- flexible cable
Temperature range °С from -40 to +40

In our singlegirder overhead travelling cranes we can offer You:

  • compact design motorgears with embedded brakes, controled by inverters,
  • to ensure a maximum hook aproach – hoist with short headroom,
  • Power supply fixed with trolley by flexible cables guided in rigid profile,
  • independent pendat (moves independent from trolley movement),
  • possibility of radio controle,
  • imported components (depending from You budget and requirements – manufacturers from Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Russia and other)
  • Fast installation and easy maintenance


Sample photos from our realisation