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Gantry cranes

Download a RFQ for gantry cranes (pdf)

Gantry cranes are designed to carry large boxes, primarily containers for outdoor use. Crane may be finished by traverse, grab or magnet depending on carried commodities.

Whole crane moves are usually made via inverters to ensure smooth crane move, precision stcaking of containers and safety during this whole process.


Metal Construction of gantry cranes consists from main beams (welded – box-type) which may be single or double. This main beam may ends at intersection with crane-legs (crane without consoles), or may be extended from one or 2 sides (crane with console or consoles). All depends from customer requiremens – situation with consoles is clearly shawn on upper drawing.

Crane cables are such located to distribute needed crane power supply and trolley power supply to all range of moves with prevention rupture of the cable.

Crane and rails are fixed to the ground via needed fixings to ensure safety operations and avoid of stealing of construction via special clamps. Our crane wheels are equipped with limiters on two wheel sides to prevent against crane move outside the runway!

Crane load, t from 5 to 200
Span, m (L) to 42 and more
Lifting height, m (H) (standard) 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; and more
Speeds, m/min: - podnoszenia- jazdy wózka- jazdy suwnicy(standard) from 1 to 30 from 20 to 60 from 40 to 120
Crane duty group due to ISO 4301/1 A2…A7
Duty group of lifting mechanisms due to ISO 4301/1 M3…M7
catching device - hook- hook, traverse, spreader
Crane controle devices - Radio control- Pendant- Cabin
Crane speed regulations - Inverter- 2­speeds- Fixed
Crane used: indoor, outdoor, outdoor under roof
Power supply - flexible cable- busbar
Temperature range °С from -50 to +50