Poniedziałek 22 kwiecień 2024

Optim-Crane is delivering 15 cranes to Guatemala!


Crane producer with headquarters in Svetlyi, Optim-Crane has already exported 15 grab cranes to nickel factory in Guatemala. Export data about these and other cranes, manufactured recently, was presented during the visit of acting trade and enterprise minister from local authorities, Dmitriy Chemakin. Factory produces crane equipment for Russian and foreign companies, ports, warehouses etc. Deputy minister noted that Optim-Crane in a short period of time became one of the most developed companies, regarding the usage of the most advanced technology. Optim-Crane employs highly qualified directors and managers, which translates into excellent financial results and production which efficiently replace imported equipment. Production capability is still raising and it is maintained by purchasing modern and advanced equipment used for production. The company has already created 120 number of jobs and Kaliningrad Oblast authorities consider partial compensation for buying new machinery and other equipment to support Optim-Crane development.