Poniedziałek 27 maj 2024

Installation of two largest bridge cranes for national district Verkhny Tagil thermal power station is finally over!


Optim-Crane has successfully delivered and installed two largest bridge cranes in 
national district Verkhny Tagil thermal power station.
Cranes with lifting capacity of 200 and 130 tons successufully passed pre-start tests and are ready to work - install main equipment of the station.
The entire process of building has not finished yet and there are still installation works performed on the Verkhny Tagil's building plant of new energetic block with estimated power of 420 mW.
Gas turbine and generator has been already installed.
Optim-Crane, as a crane producer, has an honour to participate in this federal building project - Combined Gas and Steam Enegry Block of national discrict Verkhny Tagil thermal power station.
The results of our work and energetic block building investment can be already seen.
Take a look for yourself!